Join Our Committee

The chance to join the committee for Kite Dar es Salaam (formerly CDI Tanzania) provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to oversee an entire organisation and manage a team of over 40 while implementing hands-on, community-based development projects. Kite Dar es Salaam’s and CDI Tanzania’s alumni and the Board of Trustees support the student committee to ensure that the committee is equipped with the advice and skills to run the organisation successfully.

KITE DSM has blossomed for one year and is currently in a better stage of development. The next student committee will have an invaluable opportunity to develop Kite DSM in project continuation and sustainability, developing a clear fundraising and volunteer training strategy, and codifying the working relationship between Kite DSM and CDI.

As a member of the Kite DSM committee, you will have the opportunity to grow as a young leader, visionary, and practitioner in sustainable development.