Youth ending global inequality, together.


Who is KITE Dar es Salaam?

Kite International is a youth-led global organisation, dedicated to the advancement of global citizenship by helping university students create meaningful initiatives for the development of disadvantaged communities around the world. Kite Dar es Salaam is the Tanzanian chapter of this organisation.

Kite originated from a partnership between students at the University of Cambridge and University of Dar Es Salaam, who worked together on innovative projects in local communities in Tanzania. Alumni of this organisation decided to find a way to scale the success of this model, and so Kite International was born.


Students Powering Change - Our Projects


WaSH Project

Piloting the world's first simplified sewerage and biogas system - a community-centred sanitation and clean energy solution.

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Education Project

Empowering secondary school students to design and implement creative solutions to local problems and become innovative, informed and driven agents for change in their communities

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Entrepreneurship Project

Fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship among young Tanzanian professionals, whose innovative business ideas seek to address salient, community-based development challenges.

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Health Project

Improving access to healthcare products and advice by engaging local communities and empowering local leaders to reach a sustainable solution.

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