Our Committee(2018-2019)


Ardhi University (Community and Development Studies.

As I believe in making changes and creating a better world for everyone my time in volunteering with kite will make my dream come true but also as a young woman leader I believe in pushing forward the SDGs goals in which was set by united nation and through kite project I will be able to achieve this goals and through that I make my dream come true.



University of Dar es Salaam (BA in Sociology)

I believe my call is to empower youth and thereby elevate there status in the world, To such an extent that youths becomes positive forces of change, and they become effective part of the decisions on social policy and implementations across government and non-government bodies, at all levels in society.
Ronard believes that, youth empowered with resources and opportunities can become positive force of development.




Augustine R Njegite

(Fundraising Officer)

University of Dar es Salaam. Master of Laws in Migration and Refugee law (LL.M)

I am looking forward to build strong relationships with existing donors and build new ones by helping potential supporters understand just how vital your organization is and how much good you can do with the proper support.



Ms. Getrude Mligo (

Publicity Officer)

Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy. BA (Human Resource Management.)

I believe global goals will be attained if people are aware of what exactly is happening. As the society we have the responsibility to inform people on how they can engage in community development. Changes in the society should include everyone not only the government.



Amon Gracephord (WaSH project director)

Ardhi University. BSc. Municipal and industrial services Engineering.

It's my pleasure to serve a local community through KITE Dar es salaam. Joining KITE has given me a chance to meet my fellow youth in community development and has provided a room to make my class knowledge valuable in the community.



Fatma Kirari (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)

(Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)

Ardhi University (3rd Year - Community and Development studies)

Desire to make positive impacts to the community in need influenced to join KITE. Through this organization I have learned that, every day is a chance to reach out and touch someone.