Who we are

Youth ending global inequality, together.


Knowledge and Innovation for Technological Enterprise (KITE DSM) is a Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organisation, with registration number 00NGO09322, located at Sinza A plots no. 695, Kinondoni district, Dar es Salaam City. It is a non-profit organisation led by youth.


KITE DSM was founded in July 2017. KITE DSM has come out of what was originally CDI Tanzania. It has been established to ensure the sustainability of collaborative projects through local maintenance and growth. It recruits Youth from across Dar es Salaam, particularly - though not exclusive from the University of Dar es Salaam and Ardhi University.


KITE DSM is part of wider network of Kite International. The philosophy of Kite International, to which Kite Dar es Salaam abides, is “Youth Powering Change” This is the belief that Youth have a significant role to play in solving problems both locally and Internationally.


KITE DSM operates in a structure where each year, some Youth are a part of the steering committee which consists of the Country Director, Deputy Director, Four Project Directors for the four projects, Treasurer, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Fundraising Officer, Publicity Officer.


KITE DSM’s major funder is Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI). It also works collaboratively with CDI on the implementation and development of projects in the areas of Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH), Health, Education and Entrepreneurship. In WaSH, we are piloting the first simplified sewerage systems in East Africa, In Education, we are working on overcoming a lack of support and resources to government schools in Dar es Salaam and inspiring an entrepreneurship spirit in students. In the Entrepreneurship project, a workshop with different themes that target to nurture the ability of youth to form their own business and succeed. The Health Project deals with preparing and providing workshops on maternal health and non-communicable diseases to both men and women.



Nasma Aboubakary

Director of Kite Dar es Salaam



Whoever said a girl child can’t bring changes within a community should be asked again.

The 2017 survey done by CFT of empowering young girls to engage in schools demonstrated that over 90% educated girls are the reason of community development.

Girls should be letted to be girls they are the weapon that can change the world

Nasma Aboubakary

Director Kite Dar es saalam

Bahumi Botho

Director Cambridge Development Initiative.